Offline Phonics and Math’s Concepts with Reha Teacher


Location – South Mumbai


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About the Instructor:

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The Teacher has worked in the following places over the years

G.D Somani High School
B.D Somani International School
Play School
Childrens Nook School
Crib to Crayons


About This Class:

1. Phonics:
– Improves reading and spelling skills
– Enhances vocabulary development
– Facilitates comprehension of written texts
– Promotes phonemic awareness
– Builds a strong foundation for literacy

2. Math’s Concepts:
– Develops problem-solving and logical thinking skills
– Enhances numeracy and mathematical reasoning
– Fosters critical thinking abilities
– Promotes abstract thinking and mental calculations
– Provides practical skills for everyday life and future academic success.

Terms & Conditions

If class has been missed with prior notice, the teacher will provide make-up as per her availability and preference.

Classes cancelled last minute will be considered as “NO SHOW”.

There is no refund policy once fees are paid .

The student needs to sit at one place while taking the class , if the student is moving around the video needs to be off.

Age Group

3.5 years and up