Online Creative Writing with Reha Teacher






About the Instructor:

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The Teacher has worked in the following places over the years

G.D Somani High School
B.D Somani International School
Play School
Childrens Nook School
Crib to Crayons


Benefits of the Class:
– Enhances imagination and creativity.
– Improves communication and language skills.
– Boosts cognitive development and critical thinking.
– Enhances self-expression and self-confidence.
– Fosters empathy and understanding of others.
– Develops problem-solving abilities.
– Encourages independent thinking and originality.
– Provides a safe outlet for emotions and thoughts.
– Builds a love for reading and storytelling.
– Cultivates a lifelong passion for writing.

Curriculum Details

– starting with few punctuation rules
– how to covert a normal sentry into a stretched sentences
– giving a topic and explaining them about the beginning middle and the end part
– mind mapping for a given topic
– complete and predict the end of the story
– giving alternative ending to the famous stories
– composition
– comprehension

Terms & Conditions

If class has been missed with prior notice, the teacher will provide make-up as per her availability and preference.

Classes cancelled last minute will be considered as “NO SHOW”.

There is no refund policy once fees are paid .

The student needs to sit at one place while taking the class , if the student is moving around the video needs to be off.

Age Group

6 years and above

No. of students per class – 1