Online Sports Class – Enjoy a Ball


Ages- 4 yrs to 9 yrs  
Batch size - 3-6 students 
Duration - 40 minutes
Fees - 1440 INR ( 6 sessions)
Day & Time - Monday
5.00 pm to 5.40 pm ( 5 yrs to 7 yrs)
6.00 pm to 6.40 pm (4 yrs to 5 yrs)
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Book 6 sessions – 1440 INR

Enjoy-a-Ball online sports classes are action-packed, fun-filled weekly sports coaching sessions, designed to nurture and develop your child’s abilities, confidence and fitness.

4 yrs to 5 yrs

Monday – 6.00pm to 6.40 pm IST

Our younger Enjoy-a-Ballers learn fundamental movement skills as part of their journey to becoming physically literate. Things like throwing, catching, kicking, jumping and running super-fast (to name just a few). These skills are very important as they are the “building blocks” or foundation for more complex and specialised skills.

5 yrs to 9 yrs

Monday 5.00 pm to 5.40 pm IST

Older Enjoy-a-Ballers build on this solid foundation and those fundamental skills are progressed and shaped into sport specific skills, which will give them the confidence to enjoy a range of activities and sport when they graduate from Enjoy‑a‑Ball.


Highlights of our online sports program


PHYSICAL SKILLS: Progressing (Don’t you just love to see progress!) from simple to complex movement skills by adding new aspects, for example; changes in speed and direction: Running Hopping Dodging Jumping Skipping Object control skills are moved on to the next level by adding variations to: Bouncing Throwing Catching Kicking Striking Stability skills are pushed and expanded. Balance: From static through to dynamic balance (balance combined with movement) Landing Rotation Now for the cherry on top of the cake; with lots of opportunities to catch, intercept and hit a wide range of objects, your child becomes very good at “reading” what is going on around them. Prediction – Where is the ball coming from? Where is it going? Interception – Moving to a place where you can catch / hit the ball.


LIFE SKILLS: We love to add to our collection of life skills and our Enjoy-a-Ballers are gaining skills without even realizing. We are working very hard on: Persistence Courage Co-operation Decision making

Book 6 sessions – 1440 INR



Aarti Chugani is a fun-loving mother to a 9 year old son with a passion for early childhood education. Engineering Degree in Information Technology. Trained in Early Childhood Care & Education with a love for Travel, Comedy Sitcoms & Mystery Novels.

Started Enjoy-A-Ball for kids in the age group 3 to 9 years in Khar & Bandra localities (Mumbai). Since then there has been no looking back. Believes that sports has been underrated in education, especially for girls. Over time extending the program to Pre-Schools as part of curriculum and introducing variations of it to children as early as 18 months old is something that has driven her all along.

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Course Details


Duration:- 40 minutes

– We start with Intro and Warmup for 5 minutes
– 30 minutes of 3 to 4 activities covering sports skills.
– Wrap and closure for the last 5 minutes.

List of Resources Required in the sessions.

In each of the class some of the below will be used. We will inform in each class what is required for the next week’s class.
– Big Ball
– Small Ball
– Dupatta
– Socks
– Writing Pad
– Six plastic, paper or steel glasses
– Towel
– Bucket
– Napkins
– Big Bowl
– Sheets of paper
– Handkerchief
– Bottles
– Unbreakable Plates / Coins
– T-Shirt
– Chair


Terms & Conditions


One make up class allowed every 6 sessions.

Log in 5 mins before class.

Age Group & Fees



4 yrs to 5 yrs

Monday – 6.00 pm to 6.40 pm IST

5 yrs to 9 yrs

Monday – 5.00 pm to 5.40 pm IST


6 sessions – 1440 INR