Scratch Coding- Gaming & Animation for Beginners

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Learn Fundamentals of Programming and Multimedia with Scratch

Age Group - 8 yrs to 15 yrs
Students Batch - 3-6 children
Duration - 1 hour
Days - Tuesday Thursday Saturday
Time - 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm IST



Learn coding a game or animation in Scratch 3.0 & master the skills in 12 hours intensive style workshop.

Let your child delve into the world of coding through the Scratch developed by MIT. Young developers will learn the basics of programming through Scratch, a programming platform and educational tool that will let them create their own stories, animations and games by dragging blocks of code.

Through Scratch, learners will develop their 21st-century skills of wonder, curiosity, inventiveness, resourcefulness, collaboration, among other skills!

This class will be recorded. If you miss a class, you can review the video posted to the classroom page at your convenience. Learners are able to follow the classes even having missed a session.

Level 1 – Beginners

  • Concept of programming and Graphics
  • Developing Programme with pseudo code and flowcharts
  • Understanding Operating System functioning with Apps and
  • Drawing, icons, sprites, backgrounds and buttons for Object oriented programming
  • Understanding Stage coordination and working
  • Learning of events, variables and building blocks and
  • Building and managing accessories library
  • Using sound and recording
  • Learn concept of testing, compiling and debugging
  • Create your first program in scratch.
  • Using scratch libraries and program codes
  • Learn core programming with statements & methods (if condition, loops and operators).
  • Learn data management, time, collision, movements, looks

Assignments/ Assessments

Making Greetings, Animations, Calculator, Quiz, Graphic drawing pad, Game, Interactive presentation, Clock, Music players and Puzzles.



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