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EDUTESS is a one-stop online platform that provides educators, parents and students with tools and curricula to enhance learning. 


EDUTESS comprises of a group of educationists, teachers and educational leaders who have taught across various curriculums like CBSE, ICSE, NIOS, IGCSE and PYP.



In her many years of experience, Sapna, the founder of EDUTESS realized that there is no dearth of passionate teachers in the country. Be it, tutors, teachers at school or parents everyone wants to make the lesson thought-provoking and meaningful. 

Though educators everywhere desire to make their classes interactive and increase student participation their skills aren’t adequate to support the same. Also, the demand to stick to textbooks is often a hindrance and teachers are unable to think out of the box. 

Sapna recognizes that there is a need to change the style of teaching which is redundant and non-participative. She believes that lessons can be made more interesting with real-life examples, by introducing activities that spark an interest in students and triggers in them a desire to learn beyond the textbook. 

It is with this vision that she has conceived and founded EDUTESS. Sapna and her team hope to bring about a positive and meaningful change in teaching through EDUTESS and its exceptional resources and lesson plans. 

Sapna Uppal


EDUTESS resources aim to make the syllabus more practical, application-based and effective. All resources provided by EDUTESS include: 

  • Objective and Learning outcome
  • Guidance on how to approach a topic
  • Editable timetable
  • Lesson plans tailored to the duration of each class
  • Developmental checklists
  • Assessments/observation modules

At EDUTESS we understand that many educators and students are unable to access quality educational resources due to many barriers. We endeavour to break these barriers and make our resources available and accessible to even those in remote corners of the country.

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EDUTESS resources are tailormade to suit the needs of various groups. Currently, we offer resources that can be used by: 

EDUTESS also has the expertise in creating lesson plans and online sessions for children with learning difficulties, gifted children and those with special needs. To know more about these write to us at



EDUTESS caters to parents with varying needs. We offer resources and support for

  • Parents who are homeschooling their children.
  • Parents looking for online tutorials
  • Parents who want assessments for their children 
  • Parents who want their children to access HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) materials 
  • Counselling on selecting the right board for your child.

If you are a parent who falls in either of the above categories, Edutess is the right platform for you. On Edutess parents can access

  • Resources to improve General Knowledge 
  • Homeschooling curriculum in tandem with NEP 2020
  • Teaching Aids and Resources for all lessons.
  • Help in designing a homeschooling Time table. 
  • Assessment tools 
  • Value-Based programs
  • Home-based co-scholastic activities.
  • Guidance for organising special events.
  • Access to a network of homeschooling parents.
  • Above all lessons to enhance life-skills required for the 21st Century Learner. 


Edutess have ventured with Jewish Academy, Goldcrest High, Arya Global Schools and Corvuss American Academy in education management. Edutess can help set start – up schools or get involved in change management for existing schools.

  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing and Admissions
  • Business planning and strategies
  • Procurement Management
  • Curriculum Management
  • Operations
  • Learning Management System.


  • Classroom setup and Interiors
  • Sports Facility setup and training
  • Laboratory & Library Setup
  • Special Needs Resources and Resource room
  • How to design and set up a childsafe school. 

Academics (Scholastic & Co-Scholastic)

  • Curriculum development and Management
  • Assessment development
  • Teacher Training
  • Mentorship for Educational Leaders & HOD’s
  • Career counselling for senior students 
  • Creating and organizing events 


Teachers encourage minds to think! With these resources from EDUTESS, your students will think today and thank you every day. 

  • Lesson plans for classrooms
  • Classroom management strategies
  • Mentorship and Training
  • Appropriate activities and aids for lessons 
  • Printable resources and teaching aids
  • Personal Teacher Training with internship.
  • Assessment tools and training
  • Assistance for organizing school events



Edutess offers resources to make your tutorial classes interactive and immersive. The aids that home tutors can access through Edutess are:

  • Curriculum for home tutoring as per board 
  • Lesson plans for any age group
  • Lesson Plans for Co-Scholastic Subjects
  • Practice papers
  • Printable resources
  • Lesson based activities and aids
  • Assessment tools


TESS has master distribution rights in India with world recognized US brand Excelligence with products designed from Colorations and Excellerations.

We offer art & craft material, science equipment, active play, school furniture, ABC’s, math manipulative, mats and over 1000+ products. We are a self contained outlet for all your school material needs as we specialize in economical & bulk packaged products especially designed for schools.

Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds

Sapna Uppal
Director, Founder

Sapna Uppal

Edutess is started with the intension of making learning fun for children, affordable for parents and rewarding for teachers. Having 20+ years of experience in the field of education, this online platform is an amalgamation of all the experiences I've encountered and a conscious effort to find solutions of problems faced by parents, students and teachers.

HR Manager

Sheel Mayani

Working as a Graphic Designer for a long time, Sheel then came across EduTess and was quickly drawn to its vision, goal and management. After interacting with the founder, she realised that EduTess would allow her to fulfil her long standing passion of working as an HR and also working around educators, children and parents to achieve a greater good for all. She is passionate about this role and is a people person. She manages to find the right team members for the institute and motivates them to achieve their goals.

Pre-Primary & Secondary Grade Teacher

Yashica Patel

With a B.Ed Degree & Certificate of ECCED, she has worked as a primary and a middle school teacher for six years. She's a Bibliophile and Zoophilist by nature. She adores and enjoys caring for stray animals. She also spends her free time reading and reviewing fictional books and running a blog. Working with Edutess has given her career good exposure and helped her grow professionally.

Phonics & Maths Teacher

Priya Uppal

She has done diploma in early childhood care and education from SIES college and is even a remedial teacher. She usually spends her leisure time reading books & making her own DIY and HOME DECOR. She's an art & crafts Enthusiastic, which gave her the idea of
making teaching aids for children in a play way method. She believes TEACHING IS A JOB WITH A LOT OF VARIETY AND A WAY OF SERVING COMMUNITIES.

Phonics & French Teacher

Vrutisha Zaveri

Teaching is her passion as she is a Certified Phonics from Safal Training Academy & B2 certified French teacher from Alliance Française de Bombay, with 7+ yrs of experience.
She teaches French for all boards and all standards and phonics for nursery, Jr kg, Sr. kg to develop and enhance their reading skills. Apart from teaching, she engages herself in sports like badminton and swimming.

Content Developer

Kruti Kapadia

With experience in the teaching field for more than 10 years, she relishes being with kids as they make her feel very young. She Loves to explore and learn new things. She believes that anything you do should make you happy.

Spanish Courses
Spanish Teacher

Roshni Taurani

Certified Spanish Teacher (2+ yrs Experience)

Dedicated professional with effective interpersonal, communication and teaching skills. Fun- loving and a passionate educator experienced in teaching young children and adults, available for zoom/ google classroom sessions at different time-zones.
Social Media Executive

Khushboo Ochani

She is super enthusiastic person with new ideas popping up every day. She handles EduTess Social Media accounts and manages them with ease. Being a content creator and heading the marketing team is something she does so well.

Music Teacher

Meghana Jayan

She has been teaching Music for the last 5 years specializing in Guitar. She's a Psychology major currently pursuing a master's in clinical psychology. She's a Bharatnatyam dancer. She loves teaching music to kids.

Pre-Primary Teacher

Riya Singh

Working with EduTess has been an amazing experience for her as she has got to explore a lot as she got engaged with different children and also learned a few different ways of teaching. She's Thankful to Sapna Ma'am and Sheel Ma'am for having her on board. They have been her great support in this journey.


Salima Ladha

She's very friendly and enthusiastic and looks forward to helping shape young minds.
She believes Abacus helps children build better memory retention power.

Curriculum/ Content Developer

Flevy Menezes

She's been working in the field of education for 4 years, working with 3 to 7 years of age and developing curriculum. At edutess, she's a content developer.

Mathematics Teacher

Ashna Keswani

Having 12 years of experience in teaching Maths and science subjects. Being a mother of two beautiful kids, she believes that children are like clay. Mold them up, and they shape up beautifully. Apart from teaching, she also enjoys yoga, dance, and Music.

online sports class
Sports Manager & Coach

Aarti Chugani

Aarti Chugani is a fun-loving mother to a 9 year old son with a passion for early childhood education.

Aarti Chugani is a fun-loving mother to an 9 year old son with a passion for early childhood education. Engineering Degree in Information Technology. Trained in Early Childhood Care & Education with a love for Travel, Comedy Sitcoms & Mystery Novels.Started Enjoy-A-Ball for kids in the age group 3 to 9 years in Khar & Bandra. Since then there has been no looking back. Believes that sports has been underrated in education, especially for girls. Over time extending the program to Pre-Schools as part of curriculum and introducing variations of it to children as early as 18 months old is something that has driven her all along.
video editing course
Computer Teacher

Smithaa Pande

Smithaa is a Mumbai based trainer and a multi-talented artist. An avid learner and a passionate educator, Smithaa has invested more than 15 years into Computer Graphics and IT trainings.

Smithaa is a Mumbai based trainer and a multi-talented artist. An avid learner and a passionate educator, Smithaa has invested more than 15 years into Computer Graphics and IT trainings. During these years, while training for more than 6000 students and many companies, she has deep dived into training needs analysis, customised content development and experiential learning.

As graphics and arts goes hand in hand, from time to time she has learned and experimented with various art forms and skills necessary for efficiency of graphics, visual art and animation productivity. She is a Fevicryl certified Professional(Art&Craft) Expert in Clay, Paper Craft and Indian Painting forms. She was featured in Disney “Imagine That 2” program in 2021.

She love teaching kids and adults, her hobbies includes Hand pottery, Painting various Indian art styles, creating Optical illusion toys and cooking .


Sameena Khwaja

She is a B.ed qualified and certified teacher, registered under ISO. She’s a specialist in Vedic Math, Abacus, Cursive handwriting improvement course, Calligraphy, Jolly phonics, and Jolly grammar. She’s trained to provide teacher training programs.

She is a B.ed qualified and certified teacher, registered under ISO. She’s a specialist in Vedic Math, Abacus, Cursive handwriting improvement course, Calligraphy, Jolly phonics, and Jolly grammar. She’s trained to provide teacher training programs.
Phonics & Maths Teacher

Ekta Nishar

She's an educator and has been teaching for the last 8 years. She has expertise in English and Maths subjects. She also conduct Phonics and Grammar classes. She loves traveling and listening to Music.

Phonics & Mother Toddler

Pinky Makhija

She loves kids & is very passionate about teaching. Her hobbies are dancing and reading. She has been teaching dance for 10 years & phonics for 8 years.

Head Curriculum Developer

Heena Vikam

With 13 years of experience in the field of education, she's very dedicated and proactive in the field of early childhood care and education. She stays abreast with current teaching and learning practices through professional readings, seminars, and workshops. She's self-motivated with strong management and and excellent organizational skills.

Phonics & Grammar Instructor

Ms. Jayeshta

Ms. Jayeshta has committed herself to teaching for 22+ years. She has worked with reputed educational institutions in the past and has been teaching Phonics since 2004. Determined to augment her years of teaching experience, she founded a preschool, teacher training and multi-activity center in Mumbai in the year 2012. The focus was on offering early childhood educational programs that would focus on quality and address the practical needs of parents and children.

Since the beginning, one of the most highly popular programs has been I-Maths. It is an innovative approach to learning Mathematical concepts and specially designed for children aged 3 to 12 years. Other than these, programs such as Phonics, Grammar, Reading and Creative Writing are regular offerings and have always been in demand.

For many years now, a flagship offering of her institute has been the range of Teacher Training programs for early childhood education and care (ECCEd), Phonics and Grammar. 10 years ago based on the interactions with many of her colleagues in the field, Jayeshta recognised an acute shortage of skilled and qualified teachers. She took this opportunity to establish a government registered and internationally accredited training institute offering various teacher training programs. Teachers trained by the institute are regularly placed in reputable educational institutions across Mumbai.

Till date, the institute has trained 10000+ unique students across all its programs and has loads of happy testimonials to show its success.

In current times, the pandemic has affected the educational sector in many ways. One of these has been the mode of imparting education which has seen a lot of online programs come into the picture. Jayeshta was one of the very early adopters of this change back in 2020. Sensing the need of the hour, she and her team promptly transformed most of their course material and infrastructure to suit online teaching methods. These efforts were so successful that even today, when most Covid restrictions are gone, the online programs continue to receive excellent reception from the students. Jayeshta also used this opportunity to expand her offerings to students across India and even in other countries such as the US, Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.