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We work closely with teachers and curriculum developers to create educational toys, teaching aids, lesson plans to inspire teachers and engage children each year. These resources are tried & tested that supports classroom teaching, online learning as well as homeschool curriculum.

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We believe that learning is powerful with appropriate resources, hard work is essential and exploring the unknown is important.

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abacusInsights And Inspirations
August 24, 2022

ABACUS – A Revolutionary Device Since 2400 BC

Abacus Imagine counting or adding in the absence of numbers! Difficult right? Well, early civilizations also found it difficult to calculate sans numbers. This gave birth to the ABACUS. The…
Insights And Inspirations
February 4, 2022

10+ Recommended Fine Motor Toys for Children

Fine motor toys involve the use of smaller muscles of the hand mainly used in activities that involve holding, grasping, using pencils and scissors, etc. There are tons of toys…
language developmentInsights And Inspirations
October 19, 2021

Language Development: 5 Easy P’s for you to do!

Pause! Is that one of the Ps relevant to language development in early childhood? You would have to read till the end to find out. Join me in noticing this…