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10+ Recommended Fine Motor Toys for Children

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Fine Motor Activities for Children

Fine motor toys involve the use of smaller muscles of the hand mainly used in activities that involve holding, grasping, using pencils and scissors, etc.

There are tons of toys available online but do you wonder if they are the best sellers or educational?

I’ve been an educator past 20 years and I wish some of these educational toys were available for my classroom when I started my career as a preschool teacher.

So here I’ve listed down some best educational and developmental resources from amazon India that enhance the fine motor skills of children from 18 months to 7 yrs.

I’ll keep adding and revising this list so please make sure you save this blog for future reference.

Fine Motor Toys – LACING

Lacing activities for toddlers are very engaging and keep the little hands busy for a long time. Lacing can be used for children ages 18 months to 6 years based on the level of difficulty. You can introduce any topic or theme with the help of lacing cards by simply cutting the shape on a cardboard and punching a few holes. Manipulating the thread in and out of the holes develops

  1. Fine Motor Skills – lacing strengthens the finger muscle as the baby moves the thread from one hole to another.
  2. Hand-eye coordination – Lacing develops visual tracking along with motor planning as it requires coordination with eye and hand movement.
  3. Concentration and focus – It promotes patience as the child completes the activity at a slow pace.
  4. Pincer grasp – Lacing a string through the hole is an intricate movement that builds a pincer grip and intricate hand muscles.
  5. Strengthens Dexterity – Increases muscle strength of the hands and fingers as they grow and participate in lacing activities.
  6. Bilateral Coordination – While lacing the toddler uses both their hands.  Read More about bilateral coordination
  7. Spatial Awareness – While stringing the cards, your toddler develops a sense of direction, distance, and location
  8. Early Math skills – Counting and adding the stitches introduces toddlers to pre-math concepts.

You can create DIY lacing cards by laminating pictures and punching holes or purchasing ready lacing toys. Place it in your child’s learning center and allow them to be independent thinkers as they grow older.

Read More about benefits of learning centers .

Recommended toys from Amazon

Recommended Lacing Toys from Amazon

Shape Lacing Activity:- ( 3 yrs + )

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Lacing Cards:- (for 2+ yrs)

50 pieces Circle Buttons and Threads:- (for 2+ yrs)

Caterpillar Lacing to learn Numbers, Counting and Shapes (For 18 months & above) :-

Jumbo Lacing Shapes & Buttons (For 2yrs and Bove) :-

Wooden Shapes & Number Block Buggy Pull Along & Sewing Toy (Age 1+)- Develops Gross & Fine Motor Skills, Enhance Imagination & Dexterity:- (For 1yr and above)

Geo Beads:-

Melissa & Doug Lace and Trace Farm:-

Alphabet Lacing Cards:-

Montessori Shoe Lacing Activity:-

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