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Ms. Jayeshta- Phonics & Grammar Tutor

Ms. Jayeshta has committed herself to teaching for 22+ years. She has worked with reputed educational institutions in the past and has been teaching Phonics since 2004. Determined to augment her years of teaching experience, she founded a preschool, teacher training and multi-activity center in Mumbai in the year 2012. The focus was on offering early childhood educational programs that would focus on quality and address the practical needs of parents and children.

Since the beginning, one of the most highly popular programs has been I-Maths. It is an innovative approach to learning Mathematical concepts and specially designed for children aged 3 to 12 years. Other than these, programs such as Phonics, Grammar, Reading and Creative Writing are regular offerings and have always been in demand.

For many years now, a flagship offering of her institute has been the range of Teacher Training programs for early childhood education and care (ECCEd), Phonics and Grammar. 10 years ago based on the interactions with many of her colleagues in the field, Jayeshta recognised an acute shortage of skilled and qualified teachers. She took this opportunity to establish a government registered and internationally accredited training institute offering various teacher training programs. Teachers trained by the institute are regularly placed in reputable educational institutions across Mumbai.

Till date, the institute has trained 10000+ unique students across all its programs and has loads of happy testimonials to show its success.

In current times, the pandemic has affected the educational sector in many ways. One of these has been the mode of imparting education which has seen a lot of online programs come into the picture. Jayeshta was one of the very early adopters of this change back in 2020. Sensing the need of the hour, she and her team promptly transformed most of their course material and infrastructure to suit online teaching methods. These efforts were so successful that even today, when most Covid restrictions are gone, the online programs continue to receive excellent reception from the students. Jayeshta also used this opportunity to expand her offerings to students across India and even in other countries such as the US, Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.