Abc Foam Shapes In a Bucket-1/2 Lb

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It’s a letter party! Our ABC Foam Shapes in a Bucket feature 2208 letters. Colors: blue, green, orange, purple, red and yellow. All letters are 1″H. *Use for practicing ABC’s and spelling *Also super for various art projects: card making, collages, creating book covers and more! *Everyone in the class can personalize what they make *Contains extras of the most commonly used letters *Plastic bucket makes storage easy and convenient! *144 each of A, E, N, O, R, S, and T; 96 each of B, D, G, I, L and M; and 48 each of C, F, H, J, K, P, Q, U, V, W, X, Y and Z *Exclusively ours Why are our Alphabet Foam Shapes in a Bucket a terrific addition to your Arts and Crafts and Language Development curriculum *Provides children with varied opportunities to develop and widen their artistic skills *Great for encouraging fine motor skills *Excellent for engaging kids in collaborative art projects *Provides children with possibilities to develop vocabulary *Allows kids to have opportunities that encourage them to engage in discussions with each other

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