Ex Magnetic Shapes Engineer Mats 10 Pieces



These 18″Sq. clear, frosted grid engineer mats, printed with easy-to-follow leveled diagrams, are designed exclusively for creating 2- and 3-D constructions with our Building Brilliance Magnetic Shapes. (Children will develop early engineering skills by building according to plan; Build on the floor or a light table to show our magnetic-shape colors in the most beautiful light; Children will explore symmetry and patterning, create larger shapes from combinations of smaller shapes and build 3-D creations from existing diagrams; Mats provide a plan to help children identify colors and shapes individually and use each shape to create patterns using the shape’s orientation when placed on the grid.; As an added bonus, we’ve included a color activity sheet with this guide. It provides examples showing basic information for helping children understand the spatial relationship of each shape and symmetry.; Big mats are easy to manipulate and provide ample space for children to build and create; For a longer lifespan of your new mat set, wipe mats clean with a soft cloth and store them flat in the included storage portfolio; Activity guide included Includes:) 10 Mats: Mats 1, 2, 3: 2-Dimensional Designs Mats 4, 5, 6: 2-Dimensional Mandala Designs Mats 7, 8, 9: 3-Dimensional Designs Mat 10

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