Film Making & Video Editing Course for Beginners


Video Editing and Film Making Course

Age Group - 10 years & above 
Students Batch - 1-6 children
Duration - 60 minutes
Days - Monday to Friday
No. of Sessions - 12  
Time - 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm IST
Fees - 8850 INR


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The Video Editing Course for beginners aims to equip the students to become creative and skilled professionals with a sound understanding of their craft.

12 hours include

Understanding and selecting the software available as per the level.

Learn the concept of film making and video editing.

Shooting with devices and importing video contents.

Types of images and video data.

Experiment with Files and reel types.

Concept of frames and timing.

Time line, transformation and editing tools.

Transitions, Animations and effects.

Usage of Audio, manipulating and effects.

Motion graphics with Text and effects.

Making an advertisement



Register Now for 12 Sessions Course


Ms. Smitha Pandey

Smithaa is a Mumbai based trainer and a multi-talented artist. An avid learner and a passionate educator, Smithaa has invested more than 15 years into Computer Graphics and IT trainings. During these years, while training for more than 6000 students and many companies, she has deep dived into training needs analysis, customised content development and experiential learning.

As graphics and arts goes hand in hand, from time to time she has learned and experimented with various art forms and skills necessary for efficiency of graphics, visual art and animation productivity. She is a Fevicryl certified Professional(Art&Craft) Expert in Clay, Paper Craft and Indian Painting forms. She was featured in Disney “Imagine That 2” program in 2021.

She love teaching kids and adults, her hobbies includes Hand pottery, Painting various Indian art styles, creating Optical illusion toys and cooking 🙂

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Terms and Conditions

  • Notes and supporting content will be provided by the teacher.
  • As video editing and film making is a multi dimensional course, freedom of accessing different websites for image, sound and video footage should be allowed by the parents.
  • Student must keep note book and pen for taking important notes and tips discussed during the class.
  • Student should adhere rules and complete project and assignments on the time as per teacher instruction.
  • If the teacher misses a session, make up turns will be given on the day and time preferred by both.
  • If class has been missed with prior notice, the teacher will provide make-up as per her availability and preference.
  • Classes cancelled last minute will be considered as “NO SHOW”.