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Online Chess Class for All age groups


  • E-certificate on Course Completion
  • Syllabus Designed by International Chess players
  • Chess is a cordial game that involves two minds competing against one another across 64 squares on a Black & White board. EduTess Online Chess Classes offers students an enthralling chess coaching with practical and championship-level approach.Students will learn the movements of each piece, the most common checkmate patterns, special moves like castling, the basics of the opening, and unique tricks. Every child will get personal attention and feedback in small groups and see visible difference in their game in just 4 weeks!

Terms & Conditions


If class has been missed with prior notice, the teacher will provide make-up as per her availability and preference.

Classes cancelled last minute will be considered as “NO SHOW”.

There is no refund policy once fees are paid .

The student needs to sit at one place while taking the class , if the student is moving around the video needs to be off.

Age Group

Online Chess Class

Age: 5 years to adults

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