Double Dip Divided Paint Cups – Set Of 5


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Double Dip Divided Paint Cups – Set Of 5

The innovative design of our exclusive divided paint cup lets you offer 2 colors at once: one on each side of the cup’s center divider.

  • SPILL PROOF DESIGN: Each paint cup has no spill design, ideal for young children learning to use paint and water. Each cup has a tapered hole design to stop the paint from pouring out.
  • DIVIDED CUPS: Each cup can accommodate two colors as they divided in the middle. 5 Cups, 10 colors. Can use multiple sizes of brushes easily to reach the paint and the two colors won’t mix together.
  • EASY TO WASH: Each of the sturdy cups can be reused over and over. They are easy to wash with soap and water, dry and use again. Each cup measures 3 5/8 inches x 2 1/2 diameter.
    CREATIVTY & EXPRESSION: Painting encourages creativity and social emotional learning in children and kids. Connect through group painting, expression and creativity. Learn colors and blending.
  • EASY CLEAN UP & STORAGE: Less mess, no spills and fun learning. Feel confident to let your child play and explore. The air tight lids can be used for storing paint, keeping it from drying out, so it can be used another day.