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Brain Development – 7 Hacks

By October 20, 2020November 9th, 20202 Comments
brain development

Your Baby’s Brain Development During Pregnancy

“Brain development”, the word itself brings out a complex range of emotions. The Brain is an organ that takes the longest time to develop and mature. The relation between questions and brain development is directly proportional. The more the brain develops, the more the number of questions you will have. The brain is a complex organ and how to nourish it will always remain a question.

Brain development in a baby starts from the third week of pregnancy and will continue throughout adulthood. It is important to provide optimum nutrition during pregnancy, to support and give ideal conditions for the baby to grow. Ideal nutrients a day keeps growth restriction away.

For ideal brain development, it is important to reduce toxic stress, the presence of strong social support for you and your baby, and secure attachment, along with the provision of optimal nutrition. All the nutrients are important for your baby. But some play a particularly significant role

brain development


Protein Hack for Brain Development:

Malnutrition among the infants is referred to as intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR). This is one of the important causes of poor brain development of the baby in the fetal stage. So a hack to avoid this is adequate protein intake in the mother’s diet. Eating a healthy platter is all that matters. The development of the nervous system is one of the important roles of protein. It can be included in your meals in the form of eggs, dairy products, legumes, pulses, and cereals.

Carbohydrate Hack for Brain Development:

Young brain, big appetite. Baby uses almost 60% of the energy for brain development. The brain uses glucose for its growth. The source of energy should be from complex carbohydrates like whole cereals and pulses, healthy proteins, and fat.

Fat Hack for Brain Development:

Polyunsaturated fatty acids aka PUFA are important for brain development. Particularly DHA i.e. docosahexaenoic acid is beneficial for your baby and should be included.  They are helpful for nerve development, improves cognitive i.e. sensory and motor health. To gain these benefits, include walnuts, flax seeds, fish, soyabean oil, sunflower seeds in your diet.

Iron Hack for Brain Development:

Iron helps to improve the structure of the brain.  It has been observed that adequate iron in the mother’s diet helps to improve memory, language, intelligence, and auditory skills. Food isn’t like anything else. It’s something precious. It’s not a commodity.

Have this iron drink: In a glass of room temperature water, squeeze a lemon, add 1 tbsp of garden cress seeds. Drink this up after 5 minutes. It will improve iron stores with greater availability in the body.

Zinc hack for Brain Development:

To improve memory, zinc should be complementary. Zinc enhances short term memory, brain development, and attention. “Myelination” the term may seem difficult, but it is one of the most important factors for brain development.  Zinc along with his buddy iron will work together for myelination and improve your baby’s brain. Red meat, whole grains, fish will give you a good boost of zinc.

Iodine Hack for Brain Development:

Iodine is important for thyroid function, and also helps for brain construction. The brain is a center of various thoughts. Iodine helps to improve the thought process, listening skills, and memory.  Iodized salt improves the baby’s IQ, prefer normal white iodized salt rather than any other salt type like pink or rock. Saltwater fish can also be included in 1-2 times a week.

 Micro Mineral Hack for Brain Development:

Choline and folate go hand in hand. Folate helps in DNA formation. Folate and choline together help to avoid neural tube defects. Choline-rich foods include milk, meat, and eggs. Folate sources are green leafy vegetables, pulses, and cereals. In all, a good combination will improve your baby’s brain development.

Optimum sleep and meditation will make you feel relaxed and give a calm space for your baby to grow. Do not start any supplement without informing your doctor.  Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.

To make this easy for you to understand, we have made a daily checklist for you. Download this and make a point to include these small things in your daily routine. The simplest way to a better lifestyle and better growth for your baby.

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Download the checklist pdf here 

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